Top 10 iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 is the current operating system of Apple that is loaded with a lot of improvements as well as tons of new features. It still has the same reliable quality we have known Apple’s previous releases. There are no big design changes compared to iOS 8 and it also supports the same hardware. iOS 9, however, is made smaller than its predecessor so you will not have trouble upgrading to a new operating system. Since its release, it has become one of the fastest-growing and most installed operating system by Apple. Below are ten features that the new OS have to offer.

10. A back button


With the previous OS that Apple used, you are only offered a single Home button, which takes you immediately to the home screen. There is no option of going back to the previous app or wherever you were in your phone. iOS 9 eliminates that hassle by introducing a back button. The new back button takes you back to the previous page or app that you were using. With this option, you are saved from going to the home screen and tapping all the buttons just to go back.

9. Low Power Mode

9-low power

The battery life of our gadgets has always been a very important consideration when purchasing electronic devices such as phones and laptops. That is why Apple introduced the Low Power Mode feature in iOS 9. When your battery power is less than 20 percent, you can turn it on to add more hours for your device. Of course, some minor features are disabled to preserve power but you can always do them manually.

8. Markup images in Mail

8-iOS 9

With the iOS 9, your simple iPhone can turn into a much needed business equipment that you can take anywhere. This is because of the new feature that allows you to markup images in your mail. This new development offers you markup tools that let you draw on the mail, add some comments through adding texts, and even sign documents.

7. Split View on iPad

7-Split View on iPad

This awesome feature is just available for the iPad as of the moment. Multitasking has become more and more important these days as everybody likes to achieve more in a very fast-paced world. This feature divides the iPad into two screens, one app on one side and another on the other side. And then you can interact with both apps and do things side by side.

6. Public transit directions

6-Public transit directions

The new iOS 9 now offers the options to search for directions for public transit. Apple Maps has definitely gone a long way with the introduction of this new feature. It gives you options for public transport in an area whether through bus, railway, ferry, etc. If you are not happy with the recommendations, you can tap “More Routes” to see other options.

5. Search Settings

5-Search Settings

Oftentimes, you need to change some settings on your phone, but once you get to the Settings option, you will face a number of other options. With iOS 9, there is now a new search bar where you can search your desired settings. It offers you search options in the results and just one tap would lead to your desired settings page.

4. Hide photos

4-Hide photos

You can now hide multiple photos from your device using iOS 9. With the advent of social media and how easily files and content is shared, this new feature help you keep a little of your privacy. There are some photos and videos that are personal and confidential and so this feature lets you hide these things.

3. Make your mute switch control rotation lock


We all know that the side switch on your device is the Mute switch because of its role in muting and unmuting your phone. However, with the new OS, Apple has added a new function for that side knob. You can now use it to control the rotation lock of your smartphone. It saves you the trouble of going to Control Center just to change your rotation lock settings. You can now easily do it through the Mute switch.

2. Zoom in videos


We always need to see even the littlest detail in the photos and videos that we capture. Unfortunately, for the longest time, we can only do this in photos. With iOS 9, however, you can now zoom in your videos using your device. Just pinch on the video and you can see a zoomed in version even as it continues its playback.

1. Quick calls and messages

1-Quick calls and messages

Using Spotlight, you can easily find your contacts and make a quick call or message. With this feature you do not have to go to your Contacts app in order to send messages or call your contacts. This is a great improvement since it focuses on the phones most basic function: communication.