Top 10 Countries with the Best HealthCare Facilities

A quality healthcare system is very important. Healthcare is one of the most basic services the country should make available to its citizens. In a world where the economies are struggling and jobs are rare, it is important to have affordable healthcare in your home. With a good medical program, people get to enjoy the newest technologies and are offered with a number of treatment options. A good medical program entails the best-quality healthcare facilities. Below are the countries with the best healthcare facilities in the world.

10. Japan


Japan has been using its universal healthcare insurance system for quite some time now and it has been beneficial for the Japanese people. It allows them to get quality health services with such a low cost. The patient pays a percentage of the cost while the government covers a greater percentage of the hospital cost. And with Japan being the leading country in terms of technology, patients are guaranteed the best equipment and facilities.

9. Austria


Once you get to this country, it is evident that healthcare is of primary importance. The government makes sure that it is up to date with the latest news in medicine, even getting trainings and skill development for its doctors and practitioners. Austria offers a free medical program for all of its citizens covering basic treatment and consultations. They can however upgrade to a higher insurance plan that involves more benefits and comfort.

8. Oman


Public healthcare is freely available for Oman residents. Both the public and private hospitals in Oman provide an advanced quality of care and the best facilities available. Foreigners can have medical treatments at private hospitals but could get public medical care in case of emergency. Interestingly, the medical workforce in the country are mostly foreign people but this is starting to change.

7. Spain


The healthcare system in Spain is one of the highest standards in the world. The citizens of Spain hold a health card through its social security which offers them low-cost or sometimes even free medical care. Spain has 17 autonomous communities which now take the responsibility of providing good medical program to its residents. Numerous medical facilities are located very near to people’s homes, with some even attended personally on their own homes.

6. Singapore


Healthcare in Singapore is often considered by many to be one of the most efficient in the world. Interestingly, none of the medical services in Singapore is free of charge, even to its citizens. Instead, they are provided with a subsidized medical service that is at a reasonable and low cost. You get quality service with world-class facilities. Apparently, this system is working so efficiently that it is reviewed as a model for the reformed US healthcare system.

5. Malta


Malta’s healthcare system is funded through the taxes of its people. Most of the necessary health services are covered by the state and include hospitalizations, treatments, childbirth, etc. Malta houses some world-class medical facilities and highly skilled healthcare workers. You can also find clinics throughout the villages in the country.

4. Andorra


The most technologically developed medical facilities in Europe could probably be found in Andorra. Andorra is mainly using the healthcare system that is used in France. A social system body collects contributions from those employed. There are health centers that you can find throughout the country as well as hospitals with well-trained staff.

3. San Marino

3-San Marino

The government is heavily investing in its healthcare sector in order to give the best service to its citizens. Because of this, the people living in the country do not have to pay for their hospitalizations and medical needs or just a small amount. San Marino offers some world-class medical facilities and their medical staff are also highly skilled. Both the public and private healthcare in this country are top-notch.

2. Italy


Italy’s medical program is considered to be one of the best in the whole world, and when you see the life expectancy in the country, it’s not hard to see why. Both in the public and private sector, you are guaranteed to get quality care. Its national health service makes sure that people are getting excellent medical treatment in surgeries with nothing to spend in public hospitals. The healthcare facilities as well as the procedures are very accessible in Italy.

1. France


The World Health Organization has cited France to be the best healthcare system in the world. The healthcare that the government provides covers everyone that is a legal resident of the country. The government spends a great amount of money on the healthcare sector and so it is the people that benefits from it. A large portion of the patient’s bill is reimbursed by the government, making it one of the most efficient in the world.