10 Worst Stories about Children Missing

10. Steven Stayner

10-Steven Stayner

Steven Stayner was reported missing on December 4, 1972. Stayner was walking home from school with his friends when he was approached by a Edward Murphy giving him gospel tracts. Murphy asked Stayner if his mom is willing to give any donations for the church. Stayner, as a kid, said that his mom should and agreed to take Murphy home with him. Immediately after this, a white car driven by Parnell (Murphy’s ally) pulled up; both Stayner and Murphy climbed into the car. He drove Stayner into his cabin in Cathey’s Valley.Stayner was raped by Parnell. Stayner insisted that he wants to go home but Parnell told him that he had legal custody of the boy. He renamed Stayner into Dennis Gregory Parnell and turned himself as Stayner’s father. Over the years, Barbara Mathias along with her children lived with Stayner and Parnell. She was completely unaware that Stayner had been kidnapped.

He escaped in 1980, and Parnell was jailed for kidnapping. Stayner had trouble adjusting to his real household where he was treated as a 7-year old when he was already an adult. He married and had 2 children. He died in a car accident in 1989.

9. Fusako Sano

9-Fusako Sano

Fusako Sano was held captive for almost a decade, from November 13, 1990 to January 28, 2000. She was 9 years old when the kidnapping happened. Sano was then a fourth grade Elementary student, she was going home alone from watching a baseball match in their town. She has been kidnap by a mentally-ill guy name Nobuyuki Sato from a neighboring town. Nobuyuki hid Sano for 9 years and 2 months in the second floor of his home, where he and his mother live. He prohibited his mother to go upstairs, and if she did, he would turn violent.

Nobuyuki kidnapped Sano because he has no one to talk to. He put adhesive tape on Sano’s mouth and ordered her to record the horse races on videotapes. Nobuyuki threatened that if ever she attempted to escape, she will be left on the mountains alone. For nine years, Sano didn’t leave the room once. One day, Nobuyuki and Sano went to a hospital for Noboyuki’s check-up. Nobuyuki suddenly became outraged of the staffs so policemen were called. Sano then walked towards the policemen and said “For nine years, I did not take a step out of the house. Today, I went out for the first time.

Sano was rescued when she was already 19 years old. She was thin and weak, with lots of injuries. Due to lack of socialization, she still acts like a child and suffered from posttraumatic stress disorders.

Nobuyuki Sato was 37 years old when he was arrested. Years later, Sano’s physical health also improved and now helps her family in their paddy. She is still trying to live a normal life; she obtained a driver’s license and enjoys digital photography.

8. Beaumont Children

8-Beaumont Children

The three Beaumont children from Australia went missing on January 26, 1996. It was huge news in the whole country on that year that changed the views of Parents in Australia on how they raise their children. Jane Beaumont (9 years old), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (7 years old) and Grant Ellis Beaumont (4 years old) disappeared on Glenelg Beach, South Australia; the beach was 5-minute bus ride from their home and it wasn’t the first time the 3 of them alone came to the beach.

The Beaumont Children was last seen talking and playing with a tall man on the beach. They seem friendly with each other which led to the police’s conclusion that the children had been hanging out with the man for a time because Jane Beaumont was a shy girl who don’t talk to strangers. The children, nor their bodies were never found. A known-physic was also hired but the leads he pointed out to turned out to be fake.

Today, the disappearance of the Beaumont children is still on the minds of most Australians. From time to time it is being covered on the news. The attention given to it made it one of the biggest cases the Australian police ever had.

7. Eloise Worledge

7-Eloise Worledge

Eloise Worledge is another Australian girl that went missing. She wasn’t found, neither her body. She was kidnapped when she was 8 years old on 1967. It was concluded that she went missing when she was sleeping on her room, the kidnapper entered the house via her window, but they both left using the front door since it was left open. Despite the $10,000 reward, her traces were never found.

6. Megumi Yokota

6-Megumi Yokota

Megumi Yokota is a Japanese woman kidnapped in 1997. Along with 17 other Japanese citizens and some South Korean citizen was abducted by North Korean spies. She was then a 13 year-old girl in high school. North Korean government confirmed that Yokota was in North Korea. She was reported to have trained to help how North Koreans pass as a Japanese citizen. She then married, Kim Youngnam— a South Korean who was abducted too and had a child name Kim EunGyong.

In 1997, North Korea disclosed information that Yokota committed suicide. However, the cremated remains that the North Korean government sent to Yokota’s parents were found to be fake.

Years later, a census was conducted in North Korea and a girl name Kim EunGyong was listed with the same birthday as Yokota. It is then confirmed that it was her child. Yokota’s parents were allowed to visit their grandchild and its father. Kim Youngnam told them that Yokota died because of depression, but the parents said that a North Korean soldier was monitoring Youngnam and as if he was reading a script.

Yokota’s abduction was adopted as a movie and is very popular in Japan. There are also songs composed to honour her disappearance.

5. EtanPatz


EtanKalilPatz was six years old when he was found missing on 1979. His case is the most popular child missing case in New York City. He was going to catch the school bus but he never did. When school ended, he didn’t come home.

Different types of massive searches were done including police search for weeks; photos of Etan were also printed and projected on Times Square screens. Jose Antonio Ramos was the primary suspect; he is a friend of the Patz family helper and a known child sexual abuser. However, in 2012, a man named Pedro Hernandez claimed that he was responsible for kidnapping and killing EtanPatz. He was the owner of the grocery store near the Patz house where on the day of Etan’s disappearance, it is assumed that Patz bought a soda with his $1. The case reopened on January 2015, but was considered as a mistrial on May 2015.

The day of Etan’s disappearance, May 25— is considered as the National Child Missing Day on the United States.

4. Johnny Gosch

4-Johnny Gosch

Johnny Gosch was found to have disappeared when their customers called his parents that the daily newspaper hasn’t been delivered to them. Gosch was a 12-year, newspaper boy, when he disappeared on September 1982. He was the second missing American boy whose photos were projected on the New York’s Time Square screens and Milk Cartoons for efforts to find him.

Fifteen years later, His mother claimed that Johnny visited her one night along with an unknown man; she assumed that the man was the mastermind of the kidnapping. She claimed that Johnny talked to her how his life was hard and in danger if he tries to escape. However, these claims are not supported by Johnny’s father and the police didn’t consider it as a fact,

His mother, later then published a book entitled, “Why Johnny can’t come home.”

3. Ben Needhan

3-Ben Needhan

Ben Needham disappeared on July 24, 1991 on his grandparent’s house in Kos. He was then a 2 year old boy. He was playing on the backyard when his gradparents realized he was missing at 2 p.m. His case was one of the longest cases of missing person in United Kingdom.

Years after his disappearance, the police used the age-progression technique where they used technology to predict Ben’s facial features years ago. There were lots, about 300 reported sightings of Ben, however neither one of it were confirmed. A search on the backyard was also conducted years later to check if the child was accidentally buried, but no traces of him were seen.

The Needham family after years of searching finally concluded that Ben was either kidnapped to sold and adopted or sold for child prostitution. Ben Needham was never seen again by his family.

2. Edward and Austin Bryant

2-Edward and Austin Bryant

Edward Bryant and his biological brother, Austin Bryant were adopted by Edward and Linda Bryants along with other children as reported. They were adopted in March 2000. Both of them are children with special needs. Edward was the 7 years old then, and Austin was four. Their disappearance was a huge mystery— the exact time, date and even the reason of their disappearance is still unknown until now. It was between 2001 and 2005 when both of them went missing, the other kids on the house weren’t allowed to talk about them. During the time Edward and Austin went missing, Edward and Linda didn’t report it to the police and was still receiving the $1,700 for the brothers’ care from El Paso Human Development of Human Services.

In 2011, Edward and Linda Bryant were arrested for theft, conspiracy, forgery and even attempted to sway a public official. Until now, no traces of where the brothers are and officials even assumed that they are already dead.

1. Madeleine Beth McCann

1-Madeleine Beth McCann

Madelaine Beth McCann was gone missing on 2007 while sleeping on her bed in a Hotel in Portugal. It is the most popular missing-person case in the modern times. It gained interest from both local and international newspapers.

The McCann family along with 7 other family friends went on a holiday in Praia de Luz (a Hotel in Portugal). They were eating dinner in a restaurant 50m away from the apartment while the children were sleeping. From time to time, they were checking the children. When her mother checked them around 10 p.m, Madeleine’s twin sister was the only one sleeping and Madeleine was found missing. Witnesses said that around that times a man was seen carrying a child.

The parents were also identified by the police as suspects looking at the possibility that Madelaine died during the vacation and the parents just concealed the incident as “missing.” However, this possibility was later on dismissed by the court.